Tianna Loose

Investigates the risk and protective factors of mental health trajectories among youth

Tianna Loose is a Postdoctoral Fellow the University of Montreal and the CHU of Sainte Justine under the supervision of Dr. Sylvana Coté. She holds a BA, professional MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Nantes, France. Her PhD was defended in 2018, co-directed by the University of Québec in Montreal and financed by the Région de Pays de la Loire (France).  She was awarded two years of post-doctoral training at the University of the Republic in Uruguay by Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación. She has accumulated 5 of years teaching experience in Psychology in France and Uruguay.  She has published 13 articles in peer reviewed journals.

Tianna’s current and past research focuses on the etiology of outcomes in education and mental health from a bio-psycho-social and international perspective. For instance, her Master’s thesis focused on how biopsychosocial complexity impacts mental health among patients in Liaison Psychiatry. Her PhD thesis focused how multiple levels of determinants (personality, time perspectives, drinking motives) impact alcohol use among college students in France and Canada.  In her post-doctoral training, she focused on how these three levels of factors interact and impact academic performance and feelings of belonging in the University among Uruguayan students. Tianna is currently financed by the GRIP to further study the etiology of mental health outcomes from a lifespan perspective using birth cohort data.  She is currently interested in the impact socio-economic factors and of COVID-19 on mental health trajectories.  Her career goal is to conduct high quality research to inform public policy capable of mental health problems especially among those with vulnerabilities.