Erinn Acland

Investigates early risk profiles related to divergent antisocial and mental health problem trajectories

Erinn Acland is a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University and University of Montreal under the supervision of Dr. Geoffroy and Dr. Castellanos Ryan. She holds an MA and PhD in Psychology from University of Toronto and an Honour’s BA in Psychology from McGill.

Erinn’s current and past research focuses on emotions, mental health, and antisociality in youth. For instance, her PhD thesis focused on how emotion-related processes—such as emotion recognition and regulation—relate to the development of aggression and prosociality in children. During her studies, she has co-authored numerous articles that have been published in well-esteemed Q1 peer-reviewed journals such as Aggressive Behavior (1st author), Current Biology, and Nature Methods. Erinn’s career goal is to continue her research on these topics as a professor.

Erinn currently holds the Biopsychosocial Analyses of Mental Health Trajectories Stipend (2021-2022) from the FQSHA to investigate how polygenetic risk scores are related to the development of disruptive disorders in youth. During her studies, Erinn received numerous awards—most notably was the Doctoral Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship from NSERC (2018-2020).