The Youth Suicide Prevention Research Team aims to
Improving our understanding of what makes young people suicidal
and to identify modifiable protective factors
to help them achieve a life worth living.

Based at McGill University, Montreal (Qc), Canada,
it is led by Dr. Marie-Claude Geoffroy.

Canada Research Chair (Tier-2) in Youth Suicide Prevention

Dr. Geoffroy’s Canada Research Chair in Youth Suicide Prevention studies the development of suicidal risk and identify modifiable protective factors that build resilience. Her research is motivated by the fact that 1 in 10 youth will have seriously thought about suicide before reaching adulthood.  Suicide is a leading cause of mortality across the lifespan, ranking 2nd in young people.

The research team analyzes data from large samples of individuals followed from birth to adulthood and tests the effectiveness of preventive interventions.


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Need Help?

If you need support or have suicidal thoughts,
you can communicate with…
In Quebec
Info-Social: call 811
Suicide Action: 1 866 277-3553
For all Canada
Crisis Services Canada
In the US
National Hopeline Network
Elsewhere in the world
Consult the directory of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

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